Poly Bags Used
for Meat & Poultry.

This section of Elkay's Poly Bag Foodservice Training Module is designed to quickly provide information regarding the use of poly bags for meat and poultry.

Commercial & Industrial Kitchens
Meat & Poultry



Biaxial Orientation
This term indicates orientation of plastic films in both machine and cross-machine directions by stretching. Biaxially stretched films are generally well balanced in both directions and much stronger in terms of tear strength.

The American Society of Testing and Materials defines biodegradable as "Capable of undergoing decomposition into carbon dioxide, methane, water, inorganic compounds, or biomass in which the predominant mechanism is the enzymatic action of microorganisms, that can be measured by standardized tests, in a specified period of time, reflecting available disposal condition." For practical purposes claims about biodegradability of plastic should specify a timeframe.

Polymers that exhibit controlled degradation through the incorporation of prodegradant additive master batches or concentrates. Such polymers oxidize and are embrittled in the environment and erode under the influence of weathering.

Blown Films
Plastic films produced from synthetic resins (such as polyethylene) by the blown process. In this process, the molten resin is extruded through a circular die into a tube. This tube is expanded ("blown") by internal air pressure into a larger bubble with a much reduced wall thickness and cooled with external air quenching.

Bottom Seal
Term used to describe bottom of a can liner. The three types of bottom seals are:

  • Flat Seal - Straight seal along bottom of a can liner (looks like a pillow case). The flat seal is used to create the strongest possible seal for heavy weight bags.
  • Star Seal - The star seal is the most common type of seal in the market. Designed without gussets, the star seal eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. This allows the bag to easily conform to the shape of the container and distribute the weight of the contents evenly inside the bag. This type of seal maximizes the bag's carrying capacity while minimizing the likelihood of leakage.
  • Gusset Seal - A flat-style bag manufactured with both sides tucked in to form gussets. Also refers to the distance across the open face of the folded side or pleat: can also refer to the tuck or pleat itself.