Poly Bags Used In Commercial and Industrial Kitchens.

This section of Elkay's Poly Bag Foodservice Training Module is designed to quickly provide information regarding the use of poly bags in commercial and Industrial kitchens. The products identified here include bags used in restaurant kitchens and their related take out and catering services.

Commercial & Industrial Kitchens
Meat & Poultry

Take Out / Take Home

T-Shirt Bags and Wet Packs

T-Shirt Bags and Wet Packs
Grocery, Merchandise and Carry Out Bags represent a category that mostly covers the common shopping or carry out bag. Many of Elkay's T-Shirt Bags are made using d2w controlled-life technology which allows them to degrade in outdoor conditions. Wet Pack Bags (made from white high density HDPE) are used to cover pack item that will thaw and possibly create excessive water condensation or leak juicy fluids. All of Elkay's Grocery, Merchandise and Carry Out Bags comply with FDA requirements for food applications.