Poly Bags for Medical and Healthcare Applications Training.

Elkay's Poly Bag Training Modules are designed to quickly provide information regarding the use of poly bags in various professional applications.

Healthcare Poly Bag Training


Term used to describe thickness of a plastic sheet, measured in mil's or microns.

  • Mil (One thousandths of an inch) Term used in the measurement of LDPE and LLDPE can liners. One mil is .001". Can liners range between 0.35 to 4.0 mil.
  • Micron Term used in the measurement of HMW-HD can liners. 25.4 microns equals .001". 1,000 microns (M) = 1mm. HMW-HDPE can liners are 6 to 24 microns.

Gussets are indented folds on the sides or bottom of a poly bag that allow the bag to expand up to the limits of the fold in order to comfortably accommodate variable volume or shaped contents. Gusseted bags are designated in three dimension measurements; Side Seal = W X Gusset X Length; Bottom Gusset = W X L + BG.