Poly Bags for Medical and Healthcare Applications Training.

Elkay's Poly Bag Training Modules are designed to quickly provide information regarding the use of poly bags in various professional applications.

Healthcare Poly Bag Training
Hospital Emergency Department


Hospital Emergency Department

Due to the current healthcare environment, the hospital emergency department is busier than ever. Its primary function is to provide emergency medical care to its local community. Diagnosis and treatment include conditions such as heart attacks, traffic accidents, criminal assaults, minor and major disease and other various maladies that occur in the community on a daily basis. The emergency room must be prepared at all times to handle any situation that may appear, so a broad range of items must be available at all times. Typical poly bags that are used in the emergency department are shown to the right.

Who do you call on to determine poly bag sales opportunities in the hospital Emergency Department?

The approach to Emergency Department should be made through the purchasing or materials department with a request to learn what poly bags are being used by the department and which of those bags are supplied via a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). If this information can be determined then concentrate your sales effort on those Elkay items that are not on GPO contracts.


  1. What poly/plastic bags are you currently using in your department?
  2. Which poly bag fills the most common need in your department?
  3. Are you a current member of any GPO contracts? Which ones?
  4. Are there any poly bags used that need upgrades or added features?
  5. What company is your main poly bag supplier?
  6. We provide a wide array of poly bags for hospitals. Can you supply me with a list of bags you currently use, so we can determine if my Elkay product line will bring you some added function, convenience or cost advantages?