Poly Bags Used In Grocery Stores.

This section of Elkay's Poly Bag Foodservice Training Module is designed to quickly provide information regarding the use of poly bags in grocery stores. The products identified here include bags used in grocery kitchens and their related take out and catering services.

Commercial & Industrial Kitchens
Meat & Poultry

Deli Department

Seal Top Reclosable Bags

Elkay Reclosable Seal Top Bags feature a standard convenient zipper-type closure that keeps food fresh. This bag category contains freezer capable bags, warm temperature tolerant bags and stand-up pouches in a convenient array of popular sizes. All Seal Top bags comply with FDA requirements for food applications.

Pint, Quart and Gallon Seal Top Bags
Seal Top Bags provide excellent protection and convenient access to the contents thanks to their zipper-type closure. They are available plain (no printing) or with white write-on strips/blocks that aid in dating and content identification. Seal Top bags for Foodservice are available in pint, quart and gallon sizes, which are the most commonly used sizes in the Foodservice Industry. Seal Top Bags are available for short-term refrigerated food storage or for longer-term freezer storage.

Seal Top Freezer Bags
Seal Top Freezer Bags have a convenient zipper-type closure that allows easy access to the contents and a sturdy 4mil gauge that makes them durable and strong enough for longer-term freezer storage. Many feature a white block for easy contents identification and dating.

Performance Seal Top Bags
Elkay's Performance Seal Top Bags have a convenient seal top closure and are made with a material that can withstand warming temperatures of 200 degrees F. Commercial and Institutional kitchens often prepare food portions in advance and hold the food at an elevated temperature. Performance Seal Top Bags can stand up to this use and help the food retain moisture.

Reclosable Stand-Up Pouches
Seal Top Stand-Up Pouches feature a wide bottom gusset that allows then to stand upright for display and storage. They feature a convenient zipper-type closure for easy access and white strips are provided for easy labeling and identification of the contents.