Poly Bags Used In Grocery Stores.

This section of Elkay's Poly Bag Foodservice Training Module is designed to quickly provide information regarding the use of poly bags in grocery stores. The products identified here include bags used in grocery kitchens and their related take out and catering services.

Commercial & Industrial Kitchens
Meat & Poultry



Abiotic Disintegration
The disintegration of plastic materials by means other than by the biological process such as dissolving, heat ageing or ultraviolet ageing.

A diverse group of specialty chemicals incorporated into plastic formulations before or during processing, or to the surfaces of finished products after processing. Their primary purpose is to modify the behavior of plastics during processing or to impart useful properties to fabricated plastic articles. (Modern Plastics Encyclopedia 1995).

Aerobic Degradation
Degradation in the presence of air. Composting is a way of aerobic degradation.

American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
The main standardization body for materials standards in the United States. Including materials standards and testing protocols for plastic sheeting.

Anaerobic Degradation
Degradation in the absence of air, as occurs in dry landfills. Anaerobic degradation is also called biomethanization.